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Divorce Smart: How to Thrive and Come Out Whole gives the reader leverage to incentivize the other person to settle. This might be information, money, or anything that you know will cause the other side to want to resolve the case, and more importantly, in a way that you want it to settle.

Divorce Smart will provide readers with a step-by-step guide to what is essential to help their case and save themselves time and money along the way. Trust me: “penny wise and pound foolish” can add up to tens of thousands of dollars when dealing with an irrational or vindictive spouse.

Readers will be better equipped to handle the divorce process after reading about their legal rights and options. 

Finding a middle ground that the reader can accept depends on understanding what the opposing side could contend about these concerns. This will assist the reader select their best and worst-case scenarios. Essentially, the outcome of the divorce will depend on which of the spouse’s stories the judge buys into the most. 

Your goal is to ensure the judge believes that you have suffered unfairly. In its most basic form, this strategy aims to win the heart of the court. 

The Divorce Smart book

walks you through IN A

step-by-step method.

About the  author.

About the author

Who am I to write advice you may ask? I tell you who I am not first. I am not an attorney, nor a financial advisor. In this case, I am a victim who never thought in 38 years of togetherness would end with a torn apart family and financial ruin. It happened and took more than two years to resolve in the court via zoom to add insult to injury. Why did it take so long? Many people told me it will be less than a year; my kids are all grown up. Split the assets and sell the house. One, two, three goodbye good riddance.

Not so fast, the ex would have nothing to do with easy- Instead, they went on to hire not one, but five lawyers to drag out court procedures.

I realized that this kind of book was necessary when I saw my lawyer's retainer fee dwindling with each encounter from conversations with opposing counsel to court hearings and filing motions. And during each of these proceedings, I recognized that something was missing: a lack of concern for proper human compassion and urgency in the court system. I knew it wasn’t going to be a easy, but I was still shocked by how the court mill moved through paperwork without a care in the world for the people standing before them nor the cost. I share what I have learned and how to improve your odds of better results being better prepared walking into your divorce.

" As a former trial attorney, I learned that any type of litigation is difficult experience for the client. Adam Weiss has provided a firsthand account of how trying the divorce process can be, emotionally, psychologically, and financially, as well as advising how to minimizing those effects." 

-Steve Cohen

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"I am so glad I read this book, wish I had it earlier in my divorce. It has given me the courage to stand up for myself better and be smarter with my money."


"Divorce Smart has helped me so much with organizing my required paperwork for court."


"I surprised my lawyer how well I was prepared and made her job easier."


"I run my own business; I thought I lose it all during my divorce. After reading Divorce Smart, I felt more confident going into the process with knowledge rather than fear."


"Spot on, good advice. Recommend to anyone going through a divorce."


"Saved me so much money! I learned what I needed and didn’t for court."